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Laidback Meal Prep Series Week 1: Complete Grocery List + 3 Dinner Recipes

Created August 20, 2019
“Meal prep has to be complicated,” said no one, ever.
With this simple menu plan, you can take your time prepping meals for the week or take care of it all at once before the week starts. Either way, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you—all you have to do is eat and enjoy.

Week 1 Menu

Here’s why we love this meal prep series: We give you three meals to work with, which offers you the flexibility to add in your favorite recipes to fill out the rest of the week (or to satisfy that pizza delivery craving). It also curbs the amount of prep time you need to get a headstart on your week’s menu. It’s a total win-win!

This week’s worth of meals runs the gamut of favorite flavors—bacon cheeseburgers, chicken sausage and vegetables, club sandwiches (yes, please!). Here’s what you can look forward to eating all week long.

Grocery List

Now that your mouth is sufficiently watering, here’s everything you need to add to your grocery shopping list to make it all happen:

Shopping List

Meal Prep Plan

If you want to get a head start on these meals for the week, here’s what we suggest: Set aside a time the weekend before to prep ingredients—it shouldn’t take you more than one hour total. Store everything in labeled containers grouped together in your fridge or pantry so you can remember what’s been prepped for each meal. When it comes time to make dinner, assemble the ingredients as directed. Easy peasy!

However, if setting aside one chunk of time to meal prep isn’t your jam, we hear you. Thankfully, these recipes are simple enough that make-ahead prep isn’t necessary; or, you can multitask by prepping tomorrow’s meal after eating tonight’s dinner to get a jump on things (and wash all the dishes at once). When it comes to laidback meal prep, you do you!

Grands Biscuits, cheese slices, browned ground beef, cooked bacon

Bacon Cheeseburger Biscuit Cups

Sunday Prep Plan:

  • Cut cheese into quarters
  • Cook beef and onion; drain, then stir in Worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper
  • Cook and chop bacon

Day-Of Prep Plan:

  • Heat beef mixture; stir in bacon and cheese
  • Assemble and fill biscuit cups; bake as directed in recipe

Cubed sweet potatoes, apples, onions and sausage, olive oil

Sheet-Pan Chicken Sausage with Fall Vegetables

Sunday Prep Plan:

  • Peel and cut sweet potatoes
  • Cut onion
  • Cut sausages

Day-Of Prep Plan:

  • Cut apples
  • Toss everything in olive oil mixture; bake as directed in recipe

Expert tip: This meal also makes for a great make-ahead lunch for the week. Prep a batch from start to finish on Sunday, portion it into individual containers, and take it on-the-go for a satisfying midday meal all week long.

Sliced turkey and swiss cheese, cooked, chopped bacon, chopped spinach, chopped tomatoes, mayo

Club Crescent Roll-Up Sandwiches

Sunday Prep Plan:

  • Mix together mayonnaise and garlic powder
  • Cook and chop bacon
  • Slice Swiss cheese and deli turkey
  • Chop spinach and tomato

Day-Of Prep Plan:

  • Assemble and fill crescent dough sheet
  • Bake as directed in recipe
  • Top with remaining mayonnaise and topping ingredients

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