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Best Squash Recipes

Created October 23, 2020
Lighten up your family’s favorite comfort food recipes and discover new ways to incorporate vegetables into meals with this roundup of easy squash recipes. This versatile vegetable has a long shelf life and can be prepared in various ways, making it a convenient kitchen companion as the weather gets colder. Butternut, spaghetti, acorn and Kuri squash are among the seasonal varieties you can expect to see in the supermarket or your local farmers market this time of year.
Squash is loaded with nutrients and can provide nutty flavor to your favorite sweet or savory fall dishes. Whether they're roasted, grilled, stuffed or puréed, call on squash for a seamless way to transform almost any dish from everyday to elegant. Discover a comforting and easy squash recipe that will warm up bellies and your home this fall.