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Easy + Cute: Heart-Shaped Toaster Strudel

By Natalie Boike
Created December 8, 2016
Toaster Strudel with a heart-shape cutout
Mama, avoid the a.m. drama. I’ve got a quick breakfast idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make you look like a morning hero.
Toaster Strudel with a heart-shape cutout

I don’t know what mornings are like at your house, but I can tell you it’s not always a pretty sight at ours. I don’t think our 3-year-old daughter will EVER be a morning person. We are currently surviving on one strategy: bribery. On the list of successful motivators: pretty outfits (she picks!), strawberry-flavored toothpaste and Toaster Strudel for breakfast.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I have a no-brainer plan to make the morning a little more special, and hopefully a little more cooperative. I’m breaking out the heart-shaped cookie cutters and getting creative while the wee one chooses her outfit for the day. It’s that quick!

Simply cut out your design from a still-frozen pastry and use a paring knife to lift out the pieces—being careful not to take out the tasty fruit filling. Then, pop in the toaster oven before frosting.

Toaster Strudel with two heart-shaped cookie cutters

Give it a try with your favorite Toaster Strudel and hopefully you’ll get where you’re going with a smile on your face too.