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Seven Back to School Tips

Created March 7, 2017
The new school year is here! Here are seven tips from Toaster Strudel to make the year great and get the kids excited about going back to school.

1) Add googly eyes to lunch
Lunch time isn’t just for eating. It’s also a time for kids to laugh and be with their friends. Give them something to laugh about by decorating their lunches with googly eyes! It’s fast, simple, and so much fun!


2) Leave a note from the back to school fairy
The return to school can be daunting to kids (and parents.) Add a little magic with a gift from the back to school fairy! Surprise them with a few fun erasers to brighten up the back to school season.


3) Start the day with a smile
Nothing starts the day better than a warm, gooey breakfast. As a bonus, you can also doodle or write an encouraging message with the icing. They’ll leave for school with a smile on their face!


4) Make name stickers to label school supplies
Not only will stickers help identify your kids’ folders and notebooks, but they also give your kids a chance to express themselves. Let them decorate the name tags to make each school supply as unique as they are!


5) Easy activity calendar
Keeping up with a busy school calendar can be tough. A pack of sticky notes and a bit of wall can help keep those extracurricular activities in order. If there’s a change in the schedule, all you have to do is replace the sticky note!


6) Picnic on school grounds
If the kids are nervous about going back to school, a picnic on the school grounds before the school year starts can help them get used to being at school. It also gives you an opportunity to squeeze one last summer outing in!


7) Make an art gallery
A little painters tape, string, and clothespins can transform a blank wall in your house into a miniature art museum. Get the kids excited about all of the wonderful art they’ll be making through the year.