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This Cheesy Bacon Pull-Apart Bread Is Everything*

Created December 8, 2016
Bacon and Cheddar Chive Monster Pull-Apart Bread
*Okay, it doesn’t hold the secrets of the universe or anything, but it DOES contain a full pound of bacon, so…
Bacon and Chive Monster Pull-Apart Bread

Real talk: When it comes down to it, most parties are also unofficial “which friend brought the best food?” contests, and we all want to be winners. Well, I can PROMISE you that if you bring this cheesy pull-apart bread to any potluck, game day party or royal coronation (maybe you’re fancy, I don’t know your life), it will be a total hit. People will literally tear it apart and all that will be left is a few crumbles of bacon in the bottom of your pan. Your friends will think you’re a wizard. Victory!

The amazing Karen from our test kitchens went through rounds of taste tests for this recipe, tweaking the ingredients until we had a loaf of bread that is so outrageously, addictively cheesy and bacon-y that I legit can’t let myself be alone in a room with it. I mean, just LOOK AT IT:

Bacon and Chive Monster Pull-Apart Bread

It looks crazy impressive, but is actually really easy to assemble—you basically repeat the same step over and over, then put it in the oven. You start by peeling apart the layers of a can of Grands! Flaky Layers Original Biscuits, like so:

Separate grands flakey layers biscuits into layers

And then you make little stacks with those layers, topping each piece with cream cheese, bacon and green onions, all topped off with a piece of cheddar, like so:

Top each layer with cream cheese, bacon, green onions, and cheddar

Set the first two stacks (one can of biscuit dough) in your pan so that the layers intersect with each other, like this:

Set the first two stacks in your pan so that the layers intersect with each other

Then repeat everything using your remaining ingredients (which is no sweat, because you’re an expert at this by now):

Add the other two stacks in your pan so that the layers intersect with each other

Finally, bake it for about an hour until it’s the dough is completely cooked through. (Karen recommends covering it with foil for the last 20 minutes of bake time so the top doesn’t get overly browned.)

Bacon and Chive Monster Pull-Apart Bread

Just look at that! Gorgeous. Like I said, this is actually very easy to make, just a little time consuming because of the size. But, oh, the taste: The biscuits will be buttery, the bacon crispy, the cream cheese creamy, the cheddar melty, and all will be right in the world. It’s a winner for sure. (I might have eaten a full quarter of the pan the first time I tried it. Oops.)

I hope you love it. Let us know what you think! And leave a comment if you have any questions—we’re here to help. :)

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