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All the Best Ways to Eat Tomatoes

Created July 11, 2018
From apps and sides to delicious dinners, tomatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients out there—you can add them to almost any dish! You can eat them raw in salads, sandwiches and salsas; you can cook them down to make flavorful sauces; you can even bake them on top of pizzas or make drinks and soups from a batch of fresh tomatoes. Not convinced of their greatness yet? Try any one of these recipes, and you’ll be a tomato superfan, too.
While in culinary practice tomatoes act like a vegetable due to their savory flavor, tomatoes are botanically a fruit—a berry, to be exact. Also, there are many different types of tomatoes. You may be a familiar with plum tomatoes (great for making tomato sauces), cherry and grape tomatoes (small, round tomatoes) and beefsteak tomatoes (the big tomatoes that taste great on a BLT). Many people grow tomatoes in their gardens during the summer months, but thanks to tomatoes’ tremendous popularity worldwide, these common varieties are also readily available at your local grocery store. Ready to cook up some more recipes starring tomatoes? We have more tomato recipes for you to explore.