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9 Who-Knew Uses for Aluminum Foil

Grilled Foil Pack Cheesy Fries
If you only use aluminum foil to cover plates of leftovers, you’re missing out! Cooking is about to get a whole lot easier—thanks to an unassuming kitchen multitasker.

  1. Freeze and reheat like never before: Line casserole dishes with overlapping layers of foil before baking. Once cool, transfer your finished casserole (in the pan) to the freezer. Use foil to lift the frozen casserole out of the pan, and fold edges to cover completely. When you’re ready to reheat, you’ll have a freezer meal in the exact dimensions of your favorite casserole dish! | Try it: 10 Cheesy Pasta Bakes
  2. Foil tears easily, particularly when you’re trying to line a dish with deep corners. Instead, turn your pan upside down and mold foil around the base of the pan. Then turn it back over and press the perfectly-shaped foil into place. No tears means no leaks!
  3. Use heavy duty foil as a “pan” and serving dish for any food when cooking on the grill. When you’re done eating and the foil has cooled, crumple it into ball and use it to scrape off your grill grates if needed. | Try it: Grilled Foil Pack Cheesy Fries
  4. Need to soften up a hard piece of brown sugar? Wrap it tightly in foil, and bake at about 300 degrees for a few minutes. Voila!
  5. To keep your pie crust from burning while the filling bakes, fold a ring of foil around the edges to form a shield while it’s in the oven. | Try it: Pumpkin Pie Recipes
  6. Protect kids’ clothes! Wrap bottoms of ice cream cones with foil to trap melty drips, and wrap foil around tops of open cups to minimize spills. You can even poke holes for straws.
  7. No funnel? No problem. Make a disposable (and recyclable) one with foil.
  8. Make a DIY carrier for your beautiful decorated cakes. Mold foil over a large, deep mixing bowl to create a dome, then place the foil “lid” over a decorated cake to protect the frosting during transit. | Try it: Cream-Filled Strawberry Brownie Cake
  9. Cooking bacon on the stove? Pour grease into a “bowl” made of foil. When it’s cooled, fold edges in to enclose grease completely for easy cleanup and throw-away. 

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