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Tips & Tricks

Created December 8, 2016
Pillsbury Dome
Make your snackadium build even easier with tips from our kitchen crew.
Pillsbury Dome

It took an army of food – and helpers – to pull off the Pillsbury Dome. Here are a few tricks we picked up that made the build go a little bit smoother.

Crescent Dog tip

Tip 1

To help the players stay upright on the field, trim off the bottoms of the Crescent dogs.

Tip 2

Plastic magazine holders (available at office supply stores) work really well to keep snacks in the stands.

magazine holders for holding Chex mix
Tip cut off on bag to pipe sour cream

Tip 3

To pipe details onto players or the field, fill a resealable plastic bag with mustard, cream cheese or sour cream and cut a small section off one of the corners.

Tip 4

Use toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together. The ones with colored frills at the top will warn your guests they're there.

Toothpicks in a sub sandwich
empty foil tray and bottle of salsa

Tip 5

Use a disposable foil tray to hold the dips for the field.

Tip 6

Want to keep your field looking green? Mix a little lime or lemon juice into the guacamole before putting it in the tray.

Lemons and limes
illustration of order of placing the snacks

Tip 7

When putting together the snackadium, add the dry snacks first, then the cooked foods and finish up by putting the dips on the field.