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Christmas Lights and Bites

Created November 30, 2022
Lights and Bites Header
It's that magical time of year when streets and homes light up the night with Christmas cheer. From extravagant animated light displays to simple yet beautiful designs outlining homes, it's the perfect opportunity to make lasting memories with a simple tradition—driving around looking at Christmas lights. Keep reading for tips, treats and inspiration to help make this year's outing one for the ages.


Since you'll be in your vehicle most of the night, you'll want to pack snacks that won't make a mess. Below are some of our recommendations from the Doughboy, but whatever you decide to make, be sure they are travel friendly.

Plan a Route

It's hard to miss a well-lit block in the middle of December, but with the right plan, you can avoid long lightless stretches. Make a note of the more decorative neighborhoods while you're out during the day.

If you're looking for something more elaborate, search for drive-through Christmas light attractions in your area.

Play the Tunes

A family outing like this requires a playlist every passenger will enjoy. Stream the Doughboy's favorite station, Family Christmas, free on Pandora.