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Cranberry Blue Cheese Appetizers How-To

These bite-size savory cheesecakes are dressed up for entertaining.

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You love entertaining but don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking when your company arrives. That’s why I like to prepare a bunch of make-ahead dishes. One of my favorite appetizers is my Mini Savory Blue Cheese and Cranberry Cheesecakes. They are so simple to prepare and require only a few ingredients but make such a lovely presentation.
I use plain Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crust as the base for the mini cheesecakes. Then, I fill them with a creamy cheese mixture that gets topped with sweet-tart cranberry sauce and crunchy walnuts after baking.
These beautiful mini cheesecakes can be eaten cold or warm. I usually make them ahead of time and keep them covered in the refrigerator. If you want to serve them warm, put them on a microwave-safe dish and pop them in the microwave for 30-60 seconds just to take the chill out.

My kids think they taste best warm out of the oven, but I actually like them chilled. No matter how you serve them, these mini savory cheesecakes will be a hit because the smooth, creamy filling topped with savory blue cheese and tart cranberry is the perfect start to any meal. Pair them with a lovely light white or red wine, and you are off to a wonderful celebration!

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