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Tips for Making Perfect Strudel Doodles!

Created March 7, 2017
You have a Toaster Strudel. You have a doodle idea. Now it's time to make some tasty art. Follow these tips for success!

1) Cook the Toaster Strudel perfectly. That means put the toaster on the lowest setting and toast the Strudel twice. You’ll get an even toasting without any burnt edges.


2) Let it cool! Icing on a hot Strudel tends to melt into a delicious gooey puddle. If you want to perfect your doodle skills, you have to let that Strudel cool.


3) Take care when separating the icing packets. You don’t want any unnecessary rips or tears for the icing to escape. There’s a perforated line between each packet. Fold once along that line before separation.


4) Tear that packet open! Be sure to use the pre-cut notches at the top of the icing pack.


5) Squeeze the extra air out. With all that icing, there isn’t a lot of air to squeeze out, but you may have to prime the packet before icing.


6) Get to doodling! Apply constant pressure to the packet for an even flow of icing. Use a toothpick to straighten out wobbly lines. You may have to squeeze out some extra air as you’re icing.


7) It’s impossible to make a mistake when creating a Strudel doodle. Even if your doodle doesn’t match your idea, it will still taste delicious!


It may take a little practice to get your technique just right, but remember: the more you try, the more Strudels you get to eat!

Of course, we want to see what you can create with your Toaster Strudel icing. Use the hashtag #StrudelDoodle and share your art.