Ridiculously Cute Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies

By Shawn Syphus
Updated March 30, 2017
Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies
Bring a hop, skip and a smile to the table this Easter with these adorable DIY breakfast pastries. MORE+ LESS-

I have fond memories of cream cheese Danishes when I was younger. My mother would buy them for us on special occasions, and they were always the first things to go at the breakfast table. Many years later, that scenario still rings true. Except now I’m the mom and I have to fight my kids for the last Danish!

I think these adorable Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies are a fun and easy way to get your kids in the kitchen helping you to whip up some of your own family memories! And who knows, they might just become a new Easter tradition!

Cream Cheese Crescent Bunnies

Start by unrolling a tube of crescent rolls so they lay flat. Separate them into rectangles.

Unrolling a Tube of Crescent Rolls and Lay Flat

Separate the two triangles and place one triangle on top of the other, so that the pointy ends are opposite each other, and the shorter, flat edges are lined up.

Place One Triangle on Top of the Other

Fold over the top points to resemble ears, and pinch in the middle sides of the crescents to resemble the bunny’s neck.

Fold Over the Top Points to Resemble Ears

Combine 1 package of cream cheese, 1/3 of a cup of sugar and one egg yolk in a bowl and whisk until smooth and creamy. Keep the leftover egg white in a separate small bowl and whisk that until it’s slightly frothy.

Combine Cream Cheese Sugar One Egg Yolk and Whisk

Spread the cream cheese mixture on top of the crescent rolls in a small circle to resemble the bunny’s fluffy tummy. How cute!

Spread the Cream Cheese Mixture

Fold the bottom two corners of the crescent over the cream cheese mixture so they look like little bunny feet.

Fold the Bottom Two Corners

Use a sharp knife to cut a set of unrolled crescents into small discs to resemble the bunny’s tail, then gently pinch and press it to the side of the bunny.

Cut Unrolled Crescents into Discs to Resemble Tail

Brush the crescent dough with the lightly beaten egg white to help give it a nice golden brown color when it’s baked.

Brush the Crescent Dough with the Lightly Beaten Egg White

Add a couple mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a pink heart-shaped sprinkle for the nose if you want, and then bake them until golden brown!

Chocolate Chips Eyes Pink heart Nose