Tasty Trends in Pizza

By Madison Mayberry
Created December 8, 2016
Pudgy Pig Pizza
The Pillsbury kitchens team delivers deliciously on a challenge to create five must-try pizzas showcasing the hottest flavors. MORE+ LESS-

In my book, pizza trumps all other foods as the dinnertime do-it-all. It’s the ultimate easy, crowd-pleasing meal. So last fall, when I was asked to create five new pizza recipes based around current food trends, I was in heaven! After a little bit of research (aka going out to eat pizza and scouring restaurant menus, magazines and blogs for inspiration), my team and I identified five trends to develop our pizza ideas around: 

  1. Fresh Twist (fresh, seasonal and inspired by the farm-to-table movement) 
  2. Fun and Playful (crazy flavor combinations and playful recipe names) 
  3. Ethnic, Expanded (moving into more adventurous cuisines like Moroccan, Peruvian and Korean) 
  4. Superfoods = Flavor (pizzas boosted with healthful ingredients for a flavor-packed punch) 
  5. Elevated Classics (high-quality, gourmet toppings) 

The resulting recipes were a little off the beaten path from most of the pizza recipes on the site, but they’ve received rave reviews from everyone who’s tried them. If you’re looking for a great way to mix up dinnertime this year, give one of these recipes a try!

Pizza Collage

Fresh Twist Recipe: Peachy Chicken Pizza with Herb Salad (upper left)

Fresh peaches and a tangy herb salad provide bright flavor and contrast to the hearty chicken and Gorgonzola cheese. 

Fun and Playful Recipe: The Pudgy Pig Pizza (upper right) 

This playful pizza is all about fun! Barbecue potato chips bring out the flavor of the pulled pork in this pizza and add pleasant crunch. 

Ethnic, Expanded Recipe: Moroccan Madness Pizza (bottom right) 

Harissa chili paste is stirred into the marinara and used in roasting the veggies for layers of bold flavor. 

Superfoods = Flavor Recipe: Pesto, Kale and Sweet Potato Pizza (bottom center) 

Pressing flaxseed, sesame seed and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) into the dough adds hearty crunch to this flavorful pizza. 

Elevated Classics Recipe: The Cheesy ‘Shroom Pizza (bottom left) 

Who says you need meat in order to enjoy a hearty pizza? This mushroom and cheese-packed pizza is big on satisfying flavor. 

When it comes to pizza, do you prefer bold new flavors or traditional toppings?