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Blogger Carrian Cheney whips up a weeknight meal the kids will love to help prepare.

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I feel like a broken record, but I seriously love these new Old El Paso cooking sauces. They are so flavorful, and then you stick a cheesy biscuit on top and Oh. Sweet. Mercy. Friends, let’s all have a little talk about dinner and why you’ve totally been missing out, as was I until now.

I was planning to make chorizo burgers, but I realized we didn’t have enough ground beef to make burgers for everyone, so I was trying to decide what else I could do. My little one and I were standing in front of the fridge, holding the door open (which my Dad would have told me to shut since I was letting out all the cold air), and she grabbed a can of biscuits and said, “I want these with beef and tomatoes.” Ding, ding, ding! I could totally pull together a stellar dinner.

casserole dish with ground beef and beans with a package of old el paso sauce and a can of grands biscuits beside it
One of the best parts of making this dish was that part was that I got to see my 7-year-old experience the “pop” of the biscuit can for the first time. I’ve always done it, so it was so fun to tell her how to open it and then watch her jump a mile when it popped! Haha, I know, I’m so mean, but you can’t tell me your heart doesn’t race a little when you go to open one. a casserole dish with ground beef, beans and old el paso sauce mixed together
This recipe is so easy that I simply cooked up the chorizo and beef while the girls dumped the rinsed beans and sauce into a bowl and snitched pieces of grated cheese. Then we topped the whole thing with biscuits and cheese. 

My girls decided it would be fun to pretend they were the chefs while I was their assistant.

ground beef, bean and sauce mixture topped with grands biscuits
We baked the whole thing for about 25 minutes, then topped it with lettuce, tomatoes and a drizzle of sour cream just like you would a taco. It was easy, the kids loved it and we got to create a few memories in the process. It was a really good day.
Carrian Cheney

About Carrian Cheney of Sweet Basil

Carrian believes anyone can be successful in the kitchen with a nudge in the right direction. She’s helping us all with her family-friendly recipes, cooking tips and a good dollop of easy, everyday inspiration.

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