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Cereal Milk Latte How-To

These delicious lattes are chock-full of fun with the addition of Count Chocula Cereal!
Amy Erickson
Move over plain old creamer … we have milk-chocolate flavor in a sweet vampire form. Muahahaha! 

Change up your cup of coffee, and enjoy the sinfully sweet flavor of Count Chocula Cereal with the most unique and comforting cup of coffee ever. The cereal adds delicious, milk chocolate essence to your cup of Joe, and turns your morning into a kid-like experience! 

In a medium pot, steep the milk and cereal for about 5 minutes on low. (Just until the cereal softens and the milk color turns from white to chocolate.)

Bowl of Count Chocula Cereal and milk
Strain the hot milk over a bowl. Cereal in a strainer over a bowl of milk
Let the milk cool slightly, and pour some into your coffee. This creates your latte. Milk being poured into a cup of coffee
Top it off with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of Count Chocula Cereal to finish it off!

About Amy Erickson of Oh Bite It!

For Amy, life’s too short not to stop and smell the sugar. She’s always after the next, best-tasting concoction, and has created some all-time Pillsbury favorites, including Boston Cream Doughnut Holes, Crescent Enchiladas and French Toast Monkey Bread. Her kitchen is a laboratory of pure fun, and her can-do, family-friendly recipes are impossible to resist.