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Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet How-To

Blogger Carrian Cheney whips together a quick cheesy, chicken dinner with the soul of a big ‘ol enchilada.

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We love Mexican food. It’s like comfort food to us, even though we didn’t even grow up eating much of it. In fact, I used to make teriyaki chicken quesadillas in high school. Haha, obviously I was a tad confused. And to make it even better, my mom, who grew up in Idaho, used to put potatoes in her taco meat. Can you believe it? Not quite Mexican. 

Now that I am a grown-up (which is weird because I still feel like I’m 18), I’ve discovered the real world of Mexican flavor, and I love it. Enchiladas were the beginning for me, but sometimes I don’t feel like eating all of those extra carbs, or taking the time to roll up tortillas. Especially now that we have a kid in school. It’s funny how you think school is going to give you more time, but instead life only gets busier. 

This skillet dinner is amazing because it has all the delicious flavors of your favorite enchiladas or burritos. Plus, and this is my favorite part, everything is pre-cooked so you can use up your leftovers and cooking time is quick. 

Want to know why I can prepare dinner every single night without the stress or exhaustion some moms feel? I think ahead. If we are having chicken one night, I’ll make double the amount and shred the extra meat for tacos a night or two later. Same with rice. It’s easy to make double the amount and save the rest for another meal.

Cooked shredded chicken, black beans shredded cheddar rice
So, you get out all of your supplies, your cooked and shredded chicken, cooked rice, this awesome Old El Paso sauce that we literally stock up on because it’s super delicious without doing anything to it. rice, sauce and tomatoes in a skillet

Dump everything in the skillet, heated over medium heat, reserving the cheese for the very end.

rice chicken cheese in skillet
Heat everything all the way through, for about 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally to thoroughly combine the dish. Top with shredded cheese, and place the lid on to help it get all melty during the last few minutes of cooking. Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet
There you go. In 15 minutes or less you’ve got a hearty Mexican skillet dish that the entire family will love, and Mom or Dad will be more relaxed because they didn’t slave in the kitchen.
Carrian Cheney

About Carrian Cheney of Sweet Basil

Carrian believes anyone can be successful in the kitchen with a nudge in the right direction. She’s helping us all with her family-friendly recipes, cooking tips and a good dollop of easy, everyday inspiration.

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