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Muffin Tin Sloppy Janes How-To

Carrian Cheney shares a quick family fave – a feel-good version of classic sloppy Joes made with ground turkey instead.

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I love mixing things up and trying new versions of old recipes. One recipe that always makes me smile is the good ol’ sloppy Joe. I know it’s silly, but I always think of that Adam Sandler song, “Sloppy Joe, sloppy, sloppy Joe.” It was a huge hit when I was in junior high. Now whenever I make anything sloppy I think of that darn song. muffin tin sloppy janes
Which is what I sang all through making this recipe. I decided to make it a little different this time so I used ground turkey to lighten things up a bit and I used the corn biscuits to add a new flavor to everything. I love that these are smaller, easier to eat and covered in gooey cheese. They kind of remind me of the chili cheese pockets I made awhile back. browning ground beef
It’s another great recipe to have on hand for busy school days. Here’s what I like to do: I cook the ground turkey in batches, allow it to cool and place into plastic baggies to freeze. Then I make the sauce and put it in the fridge where it will last for two or more weeks. stirring sauce into ground beef
Whenever I have a busy day and not enough time to worry about dinner I grab a can of biscuits and let the kids press them out into a greased muffin tin. Then I reheat the sauce and meat together and spoon into the biscuits while the kids top each one with cheese. muffin tin sloppy janes
Then we just bake them up while we prepare some yummy veggies and dinner is done. Everyone gets involved which means the work goes faster and easier and we still get a home-cooked meal! Muffin Tin Sloppy Janes
Carrian Cheney

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