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Chili Upgrades

Creative ways to change up serving your chili that take the one-pot classic beyond tradition.
Alyssa Vance

Once fall arrives, my inbox is inundated with fantasy football invites, but I’ve always opted out of them. I usually end up spending my Sundays checking out the apple orchard with my busy-bodied three-year-old or curling up with a book during his naptime. But I secretly fantasize about hosting a game day food bonanza. I mean, who doesn’t want a day dedicated to grazing and lounging around with friends?

If I were hosting a game day spread, my main star would be chili, and I’d use one of these fun upgrades.

Repurpose with a Purpose

If your cupboard is anything like mine, there’s a growing family of mismatched coffee mugs. Where do they come from? I think the culprit is in cahoots with the sock monster. (You know who you are.)

Mugs aren’t limited to coffee, though. They’re actually the ideal chili cups for game day – individual serving size with a handle to prevent overheated hands. Here’s a perfect recipe from our Fall Lookbook to serve in them.

Chili Image

The New Chili Bar

Everyone has a favorite chili delivery device: hot dogs, fries, nachos. I’m totally inspired by Chris Nease’s take on the chili bar. It’s a foolproof way to please every palate and diversify a one-dish meal.

Chili bar image

Chili Mash-up

I’m a huge advocate of minimizing dishes when cooking; it seems like I’m running my dishwasher way too often. Pouring chili into a flaky Grands! biscuit is a simple solution. No need to grab serving bowls from your cupboard; this recipe comes with one you can eat!

chili in cup image