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Bake-Off® Contest Finalists

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Bacon Tartlets

Lenore Klass

   Koloa, HI
Simply Sweet Treats

Bacon lovers! Serve it up with pastry, chocolate and peanut butter for wild raves.

Greek-Style Meatball Bites

Susan Krauss

   Redwood City, CA
Savory Snacks & Sides

Perfectly seasoned meatballs bake in pizza dough cups. Top these appetizers in a snap with a purchased Greek sauce.

Chewy Ginger Snaps with White Chocolate Drizzle

Michele Kusma

   Columbus, OH
Simply Sweet Treats

A new must-try gluten-free indulgence! It has a snappy spice flavor dressed up with a white chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Hazelnut-Toffee Bread Pudding with Candied Bacon

Lynne Laino

   Downingtown, PA
Simply Sweet Treats

Not your grandma's bread pudding. With candied bacon and sweet cinnamon rolls drenched in a gooey sauce, you'll be creating a new, must-try dessert topped with a dreamy whipped cream.

Very Vanilla Lemon Tarts

Antoinette Leal

   Ridgefield, CT
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Savor pastry pockets of sweet, creamy cheese kissed with tangy lemon.

Macaroon-Cinnamon Roll Braid

Barbara Lento

   Houston, PA
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Unroll cinnamon rolls and bake them wrapped around a sweet cream cheese filling. Brunch?

Easy Asian Pork Bundles

Tomoko Long

   Wimberley, TX
Savory Snacks & Sides

Baked biscuit bundles hide a flavorful treasure of a pork filling.

Pickled & Twisted Spicy Pork Cemitas

Laura Lufkin

   Essex, MA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Breadsticks create the sesame bun (cemita) where this Mexican sandwich gets its name. Make tonight Mexican night with this tasty version of cemitas.

Glazed Orange Muffins

Paula Mahagnoul

   Keystone, SD
Weekend Breakfast Wows

A delicious fresh orange glaze drips down the sides of these incredible, jumbo-sized muffins made from sugar cookie dough. Yum.

Grizzly Bear Claws

Gerald Martinez

   Westminster, CO
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Pillsbury biscuits make quick work of creating sweet pastries. These updated bear claws have a new, must-try flavor twist.

Easy Double-Chocolate Brownies

Michelle Matoba

   Fair Oaks, CA
Simply Sweet Treats

Home-baked gluten-free brownies with just seven ingredients. Ready. Set. Bake!

Toffee Roundabout Sandwich Cookies

Joanne McGhee

   Dothan, AL
Simply Sweet Treats

There's a dreamy, creamy, chocolate filling sandwiched between peanut butter cookies and then rolled into crunchy toffee bits.

Double-Stacked Pupusas with Curtido Slaw

Lori McLain

   Denton, TX
Amazing Doable Dinners

Pupusas (handmade stuffed tortillas) take on a new taste and look with doubled up biscuits, pulled pork filling and slaw.

Polynesian Pull-Apart

Jane McMillen

   Winter Garden, FL
Weekend Breakfast Wows

Monkey bread goes tropical in this easy take made with biscuits and pineapple.

Carnitas Gorditas with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Holly Melville

   Hesperia, CA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Switch up tradition and use Grands! biscuits to create gorditas. Pork, corn salsa and sour cream with chiles complete the fiesta of flavors.

Hot Chocolate-Marshmallow Cookies

Sarah Meuser

   New Milford, CT
Simply Sweet Treats

Bite into a perky chocolate cookie and be rewarded with a melty marshmallow center.

Salted Caramel-Cashew Cookie Tarts

Natalie Morales

   Oakley, CA
Simply Sweet Treats

A little bit of sugar cookie. A little bit of cashew butter. A little bit of caramel. A little bit of chocolate. AND a little bit of sea salt in one awesome bite! What's not to love?

Navajo Chicken Tostadas

Sindee Morgan

   Windsor, CA
Amazing Doable Dinners

Got 30 minutes? Serve up creamy, saucy chicken on a homestyle buttermilk biscuit.

Bacon-Peanut Butter Chocolate Fries

Carolyn Nace

   Ocala, FL
Simply Sweet Treats

Dessert is a dunking delight! Bring on the bacon, special PB and chocolate to create the tasty pastry dunkers.

Mango Tango Teriyaki Sliders

Jeanette Nelson

   Bridgeport, WV
Savory Snacks & Sides

Mango mayo does a tasty tango with pork patties nestled in a biscuit. Sliders are ready in just 30 minutes!