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The Doughboy’s Favorite Sight on Christmas Morning: Just Crumbs on Santa’s Plate

Updated November 7, 2019
A plate of Christmas cookies and the Pillsbury Doughboy
It’s the night before Christmas! Nothing can match the magic and excitement of preparing for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve—but seeing only crumbs left behind the next morning is a close second.

Tonight, before your kids go to bed, there’s one last job to do: Putting out the plate of cookies for Santa (plus a little something for the reindeer, too). Then it’s off to bed, imagining what was always the Doughboy’s favorite sight on Christmas morning: An empty plate with just a few crumbs left, proof that a Christmas visitor had been to the house and accepted the thank-you gift left for him.

Santa feels good knowing the Christmas spirit of gratitude lives in the hearts of children. So help them plate up a few favorite cookies, pour a glass of milk, and get the kids to bed before Santa gets here. Something tells us he’s going to be hungry!

And don’t forget the reindeer feed!
And don’t forget the reindeer feed!
Leave Rudolph and his crew a little pick-me-up to keep them going on the big night.