Christmas Tree Candy Pops

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  • 35 min prep time
  • 35 min total time
  • 4 ingredients
  • 24 servings


cup (6 1/2 oz.) green candy melts or coating wafers
Small candies and/or decorating icing
Flat wooden sticks with rounded ends
Plastic wrap


  1. 1 Line cookie sheets with foil. Melt candy melts as directed on package. Spoon melted candy into resealable food storage plastic bag or small plastic squeeze bottle; seal bag or cover bottle. If using bags, cut small hole in one bottom corner.
  2. 2 On foil-lined cookie sheets, squeeze out melted candy to create 3-inch tree shapes about 1/4 inch thick. Immediately decorate as desired with candies or icing.
  3. 3 Freeze 1 minute to set. When set, peel candy pops from foil. To attach shapes to wooden sticks, place small amount of melted coating on stick; gently press shape onto stick. Let stand 5 minutes or until set. Wrap each in plastic wrap.




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