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Pillsbury™ Refrigerated Pie Crust

Refrigerated Pie Crusts
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    96 Reviews, 30 Comments
    Kerbbie734 days ago
    It would be so nice if you could make these an extra 2 inches in diameter. The shrinkage of my baked pie shell made it unusable. The pumpkin pie I made barely had any crust above the pie filling. Please increase the size, I'm sure you won't lose that much money in doing so, but if you do not you will lose customers.
    happybaker56430 days ago
    Try using a smaller pie pan, or lay the crust out on a floured surface and take a few passes at it with a rolling pin to make it a little larger.  I have done that and it does not make the pie any less perfect.
    TylerButi373 days ago
    Go to Trader Joes and get their pie crusts in the freezer section. They are large and don't have any of the stuff you can't pronounce.
    NoelAnn19 days ago
    They also are awful.  I've wanted to love them, tried several times but i think they are made with lard or somethin just awful!  I usually love trader joes.
    Msfitt29521 days ago
    I would LOVE to have a choice of regular or bigger pie crust depending on what I am making. I use Paula Deen deep dish pie pan. I was using 1 1/2 crust. I started making my own pie crust but keep watching for someone to make a bigger pie crust. I do not want to roll or use frozen. It is better to make my own. When I do use Pillsbury everyone loves it. I keep seeing every where people are asking for this but no one is making a bigger one yet.
    Berend407 days ago
    The crust is not large enough to make a deep dish pumpkin pie.
    josborn780 days ago
    I'm wondering why Pillsbury isn't responding to any of these customers' questions about why their pie crusts are shrinking?
    mymitzy8 days ago
    or why they are horrible
    luvmetndr11137 days ago
    I love the pie crust, cause i can not make my own so i was wondering if you could start making oblong pie dough so we can make turnovers. Makes it a lot better instead of trying to use a round crust.I think people would love it to i know i would very much.
    mrkleen1081 days ago
    I use these piecrusts exclusivly, and they wotk wonderfully. I also use them as dough for filled cookies, and the work fine but not too economical/.

    Is there a possibility that sheets of dough in size of approximately 12" lby 8 or 10 " ln w and rolled for packaging as the pie crusts are., also slightly sweetened. This would be a new product , and I believe a popular item for the convenience of it , especially at Holiday times.
    doughboy64321045 days ago
    Store bought products will never be economical compared to scratch . Especially if you are using a large amount . I only buy these pie crust in a pinch other wise I find it is much cheaper to make your own . I agree with others also in that it is not enough to even cover a regular 9" pie plate , so that is another reason I make my own most of the time.
    mymitzy8 days ago
    I will teach you how to make a crust, takes less than 10 minutes and is really easy.
    Kalika9 days ago
    Remember with any type of pie crust you need to; Once you put the pie crust in the pan and design the edges how you'd like before putting the filling in you need to put in the fridge for at least an hour. It'll prevent shrinking and dropping eddges. Also before putting it into the fridge to set you need to poke fork holes along the inside rI'm of the crust and the bottom. Not to many and not to few. we can't always blame the manufacturers! Just because it's premade dough doesn't mean you can skip out on the basic steps of pie making. Pillsbury isn't a magician that can do all the work for us. :) Good luck ladies.
    Kalika9 days ago
    Inside rim*
    mymitzy8 days ago
    still doesn't help with the horrible taste and texture
    Blueyz5165514 days ago
    I want to ask the community how to get the pie crust bottom to crisp up. everytime I bake an apple pie, the bottom get soggy. It's so frustrating!
    Ferc33 days ago
    I had to give this a one star....DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE THAT!  I gave this pie crust a second chance and boy am I sorry.  It shrinks up so that you can't even use it.  As far as I am concerned Pillsbury owes me for both packages that got thrown out....That is $6.00...I will never, ever buy this again.  AND I will tell everyone not to buy or use this product.  I can see from the reviews there have been lots of complaints but evidently Pillsbury doesn't even care as they don't respond.

    njg4455 days ago
    Your crust used to be good; but now it shrinks badly.  You can google best bought pie crust and this is a #1 complaint.
    lgf183 days ago
    Love the product but, I would like a larger pie crust. When using it for a deep dish or a larger pie shell it is way to thin!
    crspie531 days ago
    REALLY, do you need to add coloring in a pie crust?
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