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Pillsbury™ Pet-Ritz™ Deep Dish Pie Crusts
Pet-RitzPet-Ritz™ Deep Dish Pie Crusts Pie Crust
  • Pet-RitzPet-Ritz™ Deep Dish Pie Crusts Pie Crust
Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Partially Hydrogenated Lard* with BHA and BHT to Protect Flavor, Water, Sugar. Contains 2% or less of: Whey, Salt, Baking Soda, Sodium Metabisulfite (preservative), Yellow 5, Yellow 6.*Adds A Trivial Amount Of Trans Fat

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    Sandy11201149 days ago
    I have used Pillsbury frozen pie crust for years with no problem, until this year. The pie crust sticks to the pan, the edges fall apart when cut, the slice of pie ends up following apart as I attempt to remove it from the pan. It is, obviously, being made differently and it isn't working out.
    DianneSweeney822 days ago
    Same here!  I made a Pumpkin Pie and the pie and crust taste delicious, but the pie slice does not look pretty, breaks up because the pie crust sticks to the bottom of the pan and I have to scrape it out.  What is wrong?
    Pat32471047 days ago
    This is the worst pie crust I have ever purchased. Cracked while baking (as directed) and totally fell apart upon serving. Literally no taste (cardboard). Code: MS B F2. Had to rate a star to get through. I give this pie crust a NO STAR rating.
    christian3489761151 days ago
    Christmas Eve and the pie filling is done. A huge hole the frozen pie crust. Guess there will not be pie for Christmas dessert. Wish there was an easier way to contact you.
    Gail-Maggie1159 days ago
    I wish Pillsbury would respond to all these negative posts as I will not be purchasing this product, even though I truly would like to. I have used your regular pie crusts with fabulous results and was so hoping this product would fit the bill for my deep dish creations, but that won't be happening.

    PLEASE Pilsbury, if you support your products answer your consumers..
    sofa51156 days ago
    The lack of quality and honesty in labeling speaks for itself!
    sofa51160 days ago
    Waited weeks to buy the deep-dish pie crust since it was sold out over Thanksgiving. Made the pumpkin pie filling from the Libby's label. The crust wasn't deep enough to hold the filling by about a half cup. Not only that, after I baked it the maximum number of minutes listed for the recipe, the pie crust was still soggy and tasted doughy. I think I always used to use your deep-dish pie crust for this pie, so I think you must have made it less deep. Don't understand why you can't make it deep enough, or else make a 10 inch. Also, I know you can make a flakier crust because there are frozen pies on the market that have much better crusts than this.
    sofa51158 days ago
    This is an update to my previous post. I bought another regular pie shell that was made by Marie Callender's company. I measured the capacity of both "deep-dish" Pet Ritz and regular 9 in. Calender's pans after removing the pie crusts. They were both 3 cups, so Pet Ritz's crust is as I thought, not deep-dish, although advertised as such. I measured the Libby's pumpkin pie recipe ingredients and they came to 4 cups, so I was off in my estimation of how much overflow there was by 1/2 cup. I have a deep-dish pie pan that I've always used to bake this pie from scratch, so I defrosted a pie shell and put it in the pan, even though the crust was too small. The pie ingredients filled the pan to the top. Callender's makes a deep-dish crust, but it was not in stock in the store. Their pie crust is so much superior to the Pet Ritz crust, it's amazing. It tastes good, it's flaky, and the ingredients are better. (The only P.R. crust that was available was the one containing lard.) The M.C. crust costs a little more, but it's well worth the price. I will never buy anything else again.
    Suejanesmith831 days ago
    I am going to try mc crust if I can find them.
    KrisKmr1538 days ago
    I would love to be able to buy deep dish 4 or 5 inch pie shells in the disposable pan like the full size deep dish pie shells. Two or three person size. Yes, I know I could buy the box of pie shells and buy small pans or use muffin tins and then cut down the shells but I would like them ready to go.
    derek198081 days ago
    I had mixed results. The "Regular" pie crust was atrocious!!! The crust wouldn't come out of the pan. It was soggy as well, and this was after pre-baking the crust. That pie crust ruined my Sweet Potato Pie. Not good! The All Vegetable crust was an All Star. It was Firm, Solid & Cut beautifully! It could had more flavor though, but it was pretty excellent. If you can find them, get the All Vegetable & avoid the "Other" one. 
    Sherisinger89 days ago
    I saw that it said "All Vegetable" but when I got it home, I read that it had Lard in it. Lard is made from pigs. Vegetarians really need something not made with animal products. I hope Pillsbury will respect their own label and use all vegetable shortening.
    Mama3519828 days ago
    This is the worst frozen pie crust I've ever tasted! So disappointed-I spent an hour preparing a chicken pot pie only to have it ruined by the taste of this crust...
    Cindy01201813 days ago
    I just baked two pie crusts:  the crust was so incredibly thin that you could see the aluminum pan through much of it before baking.  After baking, one of them split literally in quarters - large slit in middle such that there's no way this will work for a lemon meringue pie.  The second one that did not split has 2 large tears in it.  I pricked with fork - I followed instructions exactly as written.  What a mess.  
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