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Pillsbury® Original Crescents

Original Crescent
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    13 Reviews, 7 Comments
    turtlegirl429242 days ago
    I have made the Pepperoni and cheese crescents before and really didn't care for them. The crescent roll flavor just didn't work with the cheese and pepperoni.  Tonight I modified the idea and unrolled a Pillsbury French loaf on a bed of shredded cheese, cut the loaf into 8 equal pieces, placed 6 pepperonis per piece, and roll. Place on a pan, put two slits in the top of each roll, bake for approx 23 min.  These were excellent!!!!
    Peigh6 days ago
    I have tried many of the recipes that use the crescents and , my family really love them, since we are a big family , we have to make two of them, the pizzas and the sandwiches you can make are so good.  I put pizza sauce on the last sandwich one I made, found out if you cook on a stone they cook the best. 
    creativecatering11 days ago
    I have a recipe that calls for crescent rounds.  I have not seen this product.  
    Nefertiti931 days ago
    I need this product. Where can I buy this in the UAE? 
    WillnLivvysMom64 days ago
    We have made cinnamon rolls with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for our food allergic son for years. Quick, delicious, and safe for a kid who has few convenient choices. Today, my husband brought home the package and it now states that it may contain milk. As of 7/23/16 there is zero info to reflect that change on the website here. I am extremely disappointed that there is no additional information regarding this and beyond disappointed for my son. What has been a Saturday morning tradition for us, for the time being at least, is ruined. 
    Oodalolly106 days ago
    Am I imagining this, or a long time ago was there a Simply version of the crescents? Our family loves crescents, but we've been trying to eat more healthily, and TBHQ and yellow and red dye doesn't make the cut...
    Qsmkitten123 days ago
    My family loves. Cresants. We call them manatees cause when they finish they look like manatees
    WillowRain55253 days ago
    They come in four packs, and if you like me and have a smaller appetite, I made some the other night and actually cut my hot dogs in half.
    WingsFan4Life627 days ago
    Is it possible to freeze unused crescent rolls? Or is this a very bad idea?
    sealscooking595 days ago
    Make something with them, then freeze the baked product.
    Dustybucket351 days ago
    stuff them with something like cheese and pepperoni then freeze them. then when you want a couple just take them out the night before and thaw them in your refrigerator and just  bake them the day you want them.
     i have done that and it works really well.
    Are these (or other Pillsbury rolls) Kosher?
    Anonymous_Jewes43 days ago
    There is no kashrut symbol. Disappointing isn't it?
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