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Stuck on Breakfast

Most important meal of the day? How about most delicious. These peanut butter caramel sticky rolls will sweeten any morning, even when you’re on the go.

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Brita Nelson
Every morning, without fail, I eat breakfast. Whether I eat cereal, a granola bar or a parfait I buy on the way into work, something has to fill me up or I’ll hit a wall before lunchtime. It also has to be something that goes well with a cup (or three) of coffee. I’m not my normal ray-of-sunshine self until all of this happens. Without it, I can be a bit … gruff. 

Because I’m always looking for the next best quick and easy recipe to start my day off right, I’ve been very excited to try out one from the Quick Rise and Shine Breakfasts finalists. When I saw Wendy Wiseman’s Peanut Butter Caramel Sticky Rolls (five ingredients, yay!), I knew they were going to be absolutely delicious. Plus, they’re made in muffin cups, so they’re easy to grab and go.

I started by mixing together peanut butter, caramel sauce and powdered sugar. Turns out, it’s not the easiest thing to do. But the flavor was absolutely worth it, so the arm workout wasn’t anything to complain about.
Next, I spread the mixture over the crescent dough, making sure not to get too close to the edges. Then I rolled the dough lengthwise, cut six rolls out of each sheet and set them in muffin cups. Boom, ready to bake.
After a 12-minute stint in the oven, these fluffy rolls had a delicious-looking golden glow. Then came the hardest part: waiting for the rolls to cool before drizzling on the chocolate hazelnut spread.
The recipe calls for 55 minutes total time, but it only ended up taking me a little over half an hour. This could be because of my loose definition of the term “cooled” or because of my super speed when I’m hungry. Either way, I was eating them in less than an hour. 

I knew these were a hit when I took my first bite. The drizzle added just the right amount of chocolate, and the sweet, sticky inside was melt-in-your-mouth. I’ll be making these again for sure, but I recommend bringing hand sanitizer for after breakfast. These sticky rolls are, well, pretty sticky.


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