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Party-Perfect Pinwheels

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Brita Nelson

Sharing food is my favorite part of cooking, and bite-size appetizers are the perfect thing for feeding large groups of people, especially coworkers. So I was very excited to make (and share) Bake-Off finalist Glori Spriggs's Loaded Potato Pinwheels. I wanted to make something savory that would appeal to everyone, and I felt that this recipe—with crescents, potatoes and cheese—was sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Plus, I've been wanting to make a pinwheel recipe for a while now. They look like they'd be hard to make, but they're not. Pinwheels look beautiful, taste delicious and come together like magic. Just roll up the dough, cut and voilà! Add a dollop of sour cream, and I will gobble them down. Lucky for me, there were other people willing to eat a few of them as well.

The tasty results come from mashing up potatoes with sharp cheddar cheese, milk and tasty real bacon bits. I loved knowing that no matter how messy the filling looked while I was making it, or how many bacon bits I set aside for nibbling on, the finished product would look great when it was all twirled together.

Once I had everything fully combined, I cut the sheet of crescent dough into two long rectangles and spread the potato mixture over both of them. After I got the amount of filling evened out, I rolled the dough lengthwise so that I could cut 14 pinwheels out of each piece of dough. (The rolls were pretty stuffed.)

Cutting the rolled dough is where the magic I was talking about really happens. I was pretty nervous to start cutting because once the cuts were made, I couldn't redo anything. But, luckily, the pinwheel shape appeared when I cut into the dough, and I breathed a sigh of relief that they looked like what I had imagined.

After slicing the dough, I placed the rolls on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for about 17 minutes until they were golden brown and looked too good to resist.

Then I took them out, gave them delicious sour cream, green onions and more bacon bits as toppings, and bit in.

Delicious. The flaky crescent crust and warm cheesy potato insides topped with that ever-revered sour cream—yum. I shared them with my coworkers, who promptly devoured the rest of the batch.


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