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From Trend to Plate

The 100 finalist recipes in this year’s Bake-Off Contest play up some of this year’s best food trends.

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Alyssa Vance

If you want a time capsule of the year’s greatest food trends, I suggest you look no further than the 100 finalist recipes in this year’s Bake-Off Contest. Given a challenge to create a deliciously easy recipe – one that can be made with seven or fewer ingredients and prepped in less than 30 minutes – avid home chefs from across the nation got busy making some of the most decadent, on-trend recipes I’ve seen. They’ll satisfy your craving for sweet, savory and everything in between.


Which is better, Boston Cream Pie or French toast? Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter this year. A number of Bake-Off recipes are melding two favorites into one, and I’m loving every bite. So move over, crescent doughnut; here are even more recipes that prove two together is better than one alone.



We’re seeing a lot of Sriracha this year (yes – one red condiment bottle is nudging its way into place next to that other one we know and love). In fact, we’re seeing a lot of spice. The everyday dinner plate is evolving into the everyday global plate with these recipes that take heat up a notch.



I’m fresh off baking Espresso Hazelnut Beignets and was blown away by how versatile biscuits can be! Ditto with other products. There are finalist recipes that use cookie dough and frozen carrots in cupcakes and pizza dough to make bagels. I can’t help but get on board with the theme of these recipes: Stretching ingredients outside the box.



If you cringe at the sound of “eat your vegetables,” these recipes might change your mind. Finalists found creative – yet incredibly appealing – ways to green your plate (like adding veggies to pizza and hiding them in meatballs). I’m sure my picky toddler will be asking for seconds.


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