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Valentine's Dinner for Two

beef wellingtons for two
Avoid the long lines at restaurants and make your sweetheart a special dinner at home. MORE+ LESS-
By Andi Bidwell

My husband Jack really likes steaks—in fact, steak may be his favorite meal. He likes them grilled in the summer and pan-fried and finished in the oven when it’s too cold and snowy to grill outdoors in the winter. Since he is the one who usually makes them for us, I plan to treat him this Valentine’s Day by making these very special steaks.

Round out the menu with steamed whole green beans and sweet red bell pepper hearts, which are seasoned with a little butter, salt and pepper. We will start our Valentine’s dinner with a salad, and I’ll make something chocolate for dessert. Of course, I’ll also pick up a bottle of Champagne to toast our wedding anniversary because we were married on Valentine’s Day!

If beef tenderloin steaks are irregular in shape, tie with kitchen string before browning.

Brown steaks on both sides in a heavy skillet. Remove string before proceeding.

a beef tenderloin steak shaped into a cylinder and tied with string. a beef tenderloin steak that has been browned on both sides and strings have been removed

Top steaks with tomato pesto.

Roll out dough into two 5-½-inch squares.

browned steak topped with tomato pesto. a sheet of Pillsbury refrigerated crescent dinner rolls unrolled on a table.

Cut small (1-½ to 2-inch) heart shapes from the corners of the dough squares.

Please steak in the center of dough, pesto side down.

a heart-shaped cookie cutter being used to cut out heart shapes from the crescent roll dough. a steak placed pesto side down on the crescent roll dough.

Wrap dough around steaks.

edges of the crescent roll dough being folded over the steak. a steak fully bundled in crescent roll dough

Place the dough-wrapped steaks on a cookie sheet, seam side down. Brush with an egg-water mixture; bake 22 to 25 minutes at 375°F.

a plate with a baked beef wellington with a side of peas

Jack always brings home a bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day, which will be great for our centerpiece. I’ll set our table with red plates, cloth napkins with the hearts design and red candles to make our Valentine’s Day dinner at home seem even more special than dining at a restaurant.