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Super-Sweet Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream

Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream
This cookie twist on chocolate-covered strawberries is perfect for celebrating the love in your life! MORE+ LESS-
By Jocelyn Delk Adams

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? I certainly can. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by hearts, cupid, teddy bears, pink and red candies, and of course, chocolate! For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t the same without chocolate, especially chocolate-covered strawberries. These easier-than-they-look cookie cups are inspired by the classic flavor combo!

Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream

Start with my favorite: Ready To Bake! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I simply broke apart the pieces and placed each cookie into a separate cup of my mini muffin pan.

Cookie Dough in Pan

Next, bake the cookies for just 11 minutes. Remove from the over and use a spoon to create a well in the center of each. Though you might be tempted to finish this recipe as soon as possible because deliciously baked cookie dough is staring you right in the face, allow the cookie cups to cool completely. It will be well worth it when you fill each cup with deliciousness.

Cookie Cups Baked

The deliciousness I speak of is a two-ingredient frosting that will knock your socks off. Simply mix 1 container (defrosted) frozen whipped topping and a 1 box of strawberry gelatin until completely combined.

Strawberry Cream

The result is mind-blowing. I then added the frosting to a food-storage plastic bag with a decorating tip and piped the frosting into each cooled cookie cup.

Filling Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream

Lastly, I drizzled chocolate sauce made from ½ cup of melted chocolate chips (though you can easily use a pre-made chocolate sauce) on top of each cookie cup and garnished with sprinkles and red candy.