Just the Two of Us

Created December 8, 2016
Chicken Sausage Calzones
Tuck the kids in bed, settle in with your sweetie and make one of these menus for a romantic dinner for two. MORE+ LESS-

We know it’s a challenge to carve out time for date night, so here are three sweet menus you can use to make a memorable dinner for two this Valentine’s Day. They all take less than an hour, and they’re so delicious we know your kids will be jealous (but that doesn’t mean you need to let them in on your recipe for romance).

MENU: Pizza + Chocolate-Covered Cookie

Nothing says old-school (and easy) romance like a heart-shaped Valentine Pizzas for dinner and a giant cookie for dessert, especially when it’s a Chocolate Lava Skookie topped with ice cream, caramel and fudge.

Valentine Pizzas and Chocolate Lava Skookie

MENU: Pot Pies + Chocolate Crescents

Flaky, savory Quick Chicken Pot Pies and ooey-gooey Chocolate-Filled Crescents make a classic Pillsbury pair, but the menu will still leave you saying it’s one of a kind.

Quick Chicken Pot Pies and Chocolate-Filled Crescents

MENU: Sausage Calzones + Easy Cheesecake

Forget dining out or takeout. It’ll take you less than an hour to make this decadent combo of fork-and-knife Chicken Sausage Calzones and Blackberry Cheesecake for Two.

Chicken Sausage Calzones and Blackberry Cheesecake for Two