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Heart Crackers How-To

easy sweet or savory heart crackers
Pack a little love in every lunch box with these sweet or savory snacks. MORE+ LESS-
By Sarah W. Caron

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It’s a time to show everyone you love how much you care. And chief among those people? Your kids. Beyond Valentine’s and flowers, you can make their day special by including something unexpected in their lunch pack.

The good news is that popping a Valentine’s Day treat into your kids’ lunchboxes is easy when you make these adorable heart-shaped crackers. And they can be either sweet or savory–whichever your sweeties enjoy most!

To make these crackers, you start with Pillsbury® Pie Crust from the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Warm it up at room temperature for a bit so that it’s easy to unroll. Then, use itty-bitty cookie cutters to cut heart shapes out of the dough. It makes a ton.

a box of Pillsbury pie crusts. a heart-shaped cookie cutter with a heart shape cut out of a pie crust

Arrange all the crackers on a cookie sheet.

a parchment lined cookie sheet with pie crust heart shapes on it

Spray crackers with cooking oil and season with either a sweet or a savory coating. Bake them for about six minutes, and you’re done. Sweetheart crackers are the best! Wasn’t that easy?

heart-shaped crackers with sweet or savory coatings on them on a cookie sheet. a bowl with several heart-shaped crackers in it.

Now, about those cookie cutters. You need ones that are tiny–about an inch in diameter. You can find them in craft stores and specialty kitchen stores. And don’t worry. They can be used for other things, too, like cutting out pats of butter for a pretty display or cutting veggies into fun shapes. You could even use them to make heart-shaped meat and cheese slices to serve with these cute crackers.