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Thanksgiving Side Dish Tips

Created December 8, 2016
broccoli and squash mix in bowl
We share a few simple ideas for how to skip the stress when it comes to filling the holiday table. MORE+ LESS-

Side dishes fill out the Thanksgiving feast. Don't settle for dull and drab -- go for simple and super sides. Find classics and sides with a twist in 50 Super Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes.

Divvy up the side dishes among those coming. Everyone will enjoy contributing, and you'll have less to worry about ahead of time.

Choose side dishes that can be made ahead, refrigerated and reheated, minimizing kitchen mess and last minute frenzy on Thanksgiving Day.

Use shallow oven-proof pans so side dishes fit on the bottom rack of your oven or in the microwave to bake or reheat while the turkey is cooking.

Think slow-cookers! Borrow several slow cookers for sides of corn, green bean casserole, even mashed potatoes (see our recipe links below). Don’t put all the appliances on the same circuit, though!

Bring your dish already prepared: If at all possible, don’t infringe on your host’s kitchen. Bring the food ready to go with no chopping or assembly necessary. If your fresh salad must be tossed together at the last minute, tote the ingredients in separate zippered plastic food bags to ease your host’s mess.

Bring a chilled side dish in a cooler that will keep it chilled until table time. Don’t count on your host having extra refrigerator space for your contribution to the meal.

Bring a warm side dish in a slow cooker that you can plug in to keep it warm until serving. Your host may not have room in the oven or stovetop.

Bring your own serving ware, such as a pretty bowl or platter and large serving utensils. Also bring a plastic bag to tote dirty dishes home so your host doesn’t need to wash them before you leave.

Crowd-pleasing, no fail side dishes