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Weekend Roundup: Leftovers

Leftover Turkey Crescent Bake
Get ready to use up what’s left from Thanksgiving – no boring meals allowed. MORE+ LESS-
By Brita Nelson

Oh, my – turkey overload. I hope everyone had a delicious meal before promptly falling into a food- and football-induced nap. Hopefully some responsible adult took care of your leftovers, because I know you have a t-o-n. My family sure does. 

This year, I’m determined to shake up the leftovers-in-a-sandwich routine. My plan is to take this weekend to freeze and store all my leftovers properly. And then I’ll jump right into planning and making delicious food laden with yesterday’s goodies. You should totally join me. 


Leftover Turkey Crescent Bake

This Leftover Turkey Crescent Bake will be my first attempt at a life of leftovers. I love that it uses cranberry sauce, gravy and stuffing in addition to turkey. It’s basically emptying my fridge of Thursday’s goodies.


Leftovers Moist Maker Sandwich

There are so many delicious recipes out there that use Thanksgiving ingredients, it’s hard to decide what to try first. And I know, I know; I said I wouldn’t fall into a sandwich routine. But this sandwich is different. So different that someone felt putting a gravy-soaked piece of bread in the center was appropriate. It’s so stacked with leftovers that it’s basically a repeat of the whole dinner, layered between three – yup, three – slices of bread. It most definitely does not fall into the “boring sandwich” category. 

To wash it down, I’m planning on using the rest of my cranberry sauce to make this cocktail that’s a twist on an amaretto sour.


You Gonna Eat That? Stickers

Make sure you know who’s getting what before all the relatives head home by using these labels to mark leftovers. I’m going to use them in my fridge too. I can’t imagine how much time I waste opening and closing containers to find out what I left inside of them. 

And if you’re not sorting out food, order this silly tee and let everyone know what you’re doing lingering in the kitchen. 

Will you be trying any new leftovers recipes this year?