Homemade Lemonade Trifles How-To

By Amy Erickson
Created December 8, 2016
Homemade Lemonade Trifles
The irresistible grand finale to your patriotic parties. MORE+ LESS-

There’s nothing I love more than combining two delicious things to create one amazing treat. Especially when the two delicious things are a nice, cool glass of homemade lemonade and a sweet, summery lemon pie.

These Homemade Lemonade Trifles are so easy to grab and go. Enjoy them at the beach or any backyard barbecue. Make up a bunch of these trifle jars, twist some lids on and toss them in a cooler. They’ll be ready to go when you are. Make sure to include some spoons to get every last drop!

They’re really easy to pull together.

ingredients laid out on countertop

Start by baking the sugar cookies as directed on package. Cool them completely, about 15 minutes. Then, cut four cooled cookies into rounds that fit in bottom of jars.

group of cut up cookies, a jar lid and 4 whole cookies on a cutting board

Break or chop the remaining cookies into large pieces.

pile of cut up cookies with a knife on a cutting board

While the cookies are cooling, cut the strawberries into slices. In a medium bowl, gently mix the strawberries and sugar; let stand a few minutes, stirring a few times to incorporate sugar. Set aside.

pile of sliced strawberries

Place one cookie circle down into the bottom of each jar.

empty jar next to some whole cookies on a cutting board

Layer with equal amounts of whipped topping, lemon curd, strawberries and broken cookies.

completed triffles decorated with lemon slices

Top with more whipped topping, a slice of lemon and a cute straw (if you have them).

forkful of triffle

Take a bite out of summer, LOL!