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Candy Bracelets How-To

Cheerios plus licorice equals an easy, edible craft for the kids.

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Forget about buying candy bracelets on elastic cords. You can make simple, easy candy bracelets at home with the kids. And guess what? These babies have whole grains because they are made with family-favorite Cheerios®.

Are you a Cheerios® loving house? We are. There are 3 to 4 varieties in our kitchen at any given time. My personal favorite are the Multigrain Cheerios®, but my kids adore the frosted and fruity ones. Which are your favorite?

Now, let’s get on to making those DIY Candy Bracelets.

You need a mere two ingredients: Cheerios® (any variety) and skinny licorice ropes (not the twists).

Have kids thread the Cheerios® onto the licorice. They can make as many as they want–they can even mix up the varieties.

Finally, you need to form the bracelet by either gently tying the ends together in a loose knot or firmly pressing the ends together.

All done! Now it can be worn, nibbled and enjoyed as the kids like. (Or as you like. 'Cause we all know you made one for yourself, didn't you?!)
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