Swirled Herb Rolls How-To

Created December 8, 2016
Swirled Herb Rolls
We were sold on these rolls when we saw the pretty swirl of green running through them. (It looks especially cool when you cut them in half.) Then we found out how easy there are to make — just dip, twist and bake – and immediately added them to our Easter brunch menu. MORE+ LESS-

Start with a container of refrigerated country Italian bread or crusty French loaf, then add your own touch by using any kind of dried herb you have on hand.

p.s. We could totally see turning these into cute bread wreaths come holiday time, too.

dough cut up on wood cutting board

First cut the dough in half crosswise. Cut each half lengthwise into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds. (You should have 24 pieces.)

stretched out dough on cookie sheet and dipping one in seasoning

Slightly stretch 3 of the dough pieces. Dip 1 of the pieces into the herb seasoning.

twisting the dough

Sandwich the three pieces together, placing the herb-covered one in the middle. Twist the dough, stretching to lengthen it so that you can form it into a circle.

shaping the dough into circles on a cookie sheet

Bring the ends together to make a circle, and then pinch the ends to seal them together.