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Super-Simple Party Decorations

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10 ways to get creative and have some fun with your party décor. MORE+ LESS-

10 easy ideas for party decorations

Most parties don't need any decorations at all. But for some, simple party decorations add a little extra fun. Check out these doable decoration ideas:

Clean up. True, it’s not really a decoration, but it's where it all starts. Focus on the main areas where guests will hang out, and clean the bathroom guests will use.

Create a cool centerpiece. A few desserts, like Black Bottom Strawberry Cream Pie or Mini Fruit Pizzas, are are all you need for a centerpiece on your buffet or dining table.

Don’t forget your tabletop. Get a few yards of a wide colorful ribbon, and run it down the length of your dinner or buffet table. If it's a birthday party dinner, add a bow of that same ribbon to the birthday person's chair.

Let the kids decorate. A day or two before a kids' parties, give them some paper or poster board and let them go wild. Plus, it’ll keep them busy while you're doing other things to get ready.

Think about giving favors. For a super-easy favor, toss some chocolate chip cookies in the oven on the morning of the party. Drop one in a clear plastic bag, tie with a ribbon and stack up the cookie bags in a basket by the door.

Celebrate a big birthday. For a birthday party that's significant (like 30), put things in groups of 30 here and there – 30 votive candles, 30 pictures of the birthday person, 30 blank notecards for people to add a birthday wish. You get the idea.

Use a golden birthday theme. If someone is turning 28 on the 28th, for example, plan the food to be all gold colored – then the food becomes the decoration AND the menu. Some ideas: mac 'n cheese, cornbread, peach pie, yellow beans, yellow cake, all things lemon.

Decorate with pictures. One photo can go a long way. Set the birthday person's photo on the buffet or dining table.

Make a welcome sign. A colorful sign on your front door does double-duty. It sets the theme for the party and helps people know they've got the right house.

Use flowers. No need for a big expensive bouquet. Pick up an inexpensive bouquet at the grocery store, divide it up, cut the stems short and put little vases around here and there. Don't forget the bathroom.