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Home-Style Happy Hour

a chalkboard with happy hour @ home written on it and a photo of a pretzel propped on a beer bottle and a photo of caprese skewers on a plate
Don’t: Meet at a bar. Do: Host your best buds for boys vs. girls drinks and apps. MORE+ LESS-

Sometimes you just need to happy hour with your own kind. Our ladies- and bros-themed menus will help you plan two separate gatherings or one big one with a clear line in the sand. Trespass at your own risk.

two glasses of mango thai basil margarita

For the Ladies

Stock up on light bites with fun, contemporary flavors. Throw in a tasty, trend-forward bevvie, and you’ll have a spread to keep the gals gabbing for days.

Skinny BLT Bites
Caprese Salad Skewers
Greek Appetizer Flatbread
Lemon Meringue Cookie Cups
Mango Thai Basil Margarita

six different bottles of beer lined up

Dude Food

Gathering the guys means hearty snacks that hit the spot without too much hassle. Hate to be cliché, but you can’t go wrong with craft brews or a smooth-sipping scotch.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers
Beer Cheese-Stuffed Pretzels
Buffalo Chicken Nachos Grande
Flaky Biscuit Pizza Snacks
Pub Style Fun Bun Sliders

a man sitting with legs crossed with a briefcase next to him and a drink on top of the briefcase

Pre-Happy Hour Play

Here’s an idea: If you have extra time, invite your buds to a yoga class or a pick-up basketball game before the eating and drinking begins. It’s a fun way to turn his-and-hers HH into a standing date.

six different beverage coasters

Just for Fun

Grab these cute coasters to set out before your friends arrive. Use them to kick off the conversation; each one is a surprisingly informative micro-lesson in cocktail culture. Order Yours