Couples Shower How-To: Choosing a Theme

Created January 17, 2017
Themed showers are an easy way to get your event in gear. MORE+ LESS-

Themed showers are an easy way to get your event in gear. By choosing a clever party theme to rally around, your guests (and your guests of honor!) will have a blast dressing, drinking and dining to the occasion. Here are a few of our favorites to kickstart your thinking:

Stock the Bar: Guests select bar-themed gifts from the couples’ registry, while you offer up bar snacks for a cute twist on the menu. Hosts can serve as aproned barkeeps for the evening.

Around the Clock: Assign a different hour of the day to guests in their invitations. Those who get 8 a.m. may want to come with a gift of juice glasses or muffin pans. Matching pjs or a teapot might be good bets for the 10 p.m. slot. Encourage people to dress for the hour they’re assigned. Who doesn’t love a party outfit that includes evening slippers?

Pizza Party: Not only will you serve pizzas by setting up a massive make-your-own pizza station, but you’ll ensure that the future couple will be set for a lifetime of pizza-taining by suggesting that gifts follow suit. Pizza stones, wine tumblers, paring knives and casual tableware all make great shower gifts.

Global Adventure: Does the couple of the hour have a passion for travel? If so, build on it. Plan a menu around a dream trip, such as an African safari, or a favored desination (Mexican fiesta, anyone?). And consider organizing a large, travel-themed group gift such as new luggage. Tip: Throw in a trivia game that includes a few questions about famous travelers, airports and the couples’ favorite places, with mini prizes awarded to the winners.