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Patriotic Star Crackers How-To

Patriotic Star Crackers
Celebrate the red, white and blue with these simple pie crust-based crackers. MORE+ LESS-
By Sarah W. Caron

Between Memorial Day and July 4th, there is no shortage of opportunities to bust out your best Americana-themed dishes for fabulous celebrations. I have a new recipe that you will want to add to the rotation. And you know what? It is as easy as it gets!

To make these star-shaped crackers, you need just one Pillsbury® Pie Crust, two egg whites, liquid food coloring, kosher salt and mini star-shaped cookie cutters (or fondant cutters).

Start by cutting the dough into as many stars as you can. You’ll need to gather up the dough scraps and re-roll them to really maximize the amount of crackers you get.

Arrange the stars on a baking sheet. It’s okay if they are very close (but not touching). The dough won’t spread as it bakes.

star shaped cutter on dough and pan full of cut outs

Next, make your star colors using egg whites and food coloring. Whip up the egg whites until they are well beaten. This will make them easier to work with. Divide the whites into three bowls. Color one bowl blue and one bowl red, but leave one without color (the white!). Use a pastry brush to paint about one-third of the stars with each color. Sprinkle liberally with salt and bake.

colored egg whites in bowls and pan of cut outs with colored egg wash

Beware…when these babies come out of the oven in all their red, white and blue glory, you might need to tuck them away. Otherwise curious little hands could eat them all up. True story!

finished crackers on baking sheet

Serve these crackers alone or alongside your favorite dip.