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Magically Delicious Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark

Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark
Celebrate St. Pat’s with the little leprechauns in your life by making this quick and easy treat. MORE+ LESS-

When I was growing up, we never did much to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But when my son was in kindergarten, a leprechaun visited their classroom. The leprechaun moved everything around and made a giant mess. Since then my son is all about St. Patrick's Day. If it happens to fall on a weekend, he’s always worried the leprechaun wont’ know what to do. It’s been fun over the years to play along, to pull little trick on him and blame that darn leprechaun.

To help make St Patrick's Day even more fun, this year I made a Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark—complete with Lucky Charms cereal topping. It’s super easy to do: Just a few ingredients, a few minutes, and you have a fun treat!

Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark

This bark is so easy to make, you can even let the leprechauns in your life do most of it! Start by melting 1 pound of chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Then pour onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread into a thin, even layer.

Melted chocolate spread out on a baking sheet

You can sprinkle pretty much whatever you want onto the chocolate. I used 1 cup Lucky Charms, a few green and white chocolate candies, and green sprinkles. Super easy and festive. It does help to gently press the Lucky Charms marshmallows into the chocolate, so they do not fall off when break it apart later.

Melted chocolate topped with Lucky Charms and green sprinkles

Let the chocolate harden completely, and then either use a knife or just break the candy into small pieces.