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Berry Slab Pie How-To

Fresh Berry Slab Pie
Easily feed your 4th of July crowd with this red, white and blue dessert. MORE+ LESS-
finish berry slab pie

July 4th is summer’s greatest celebration. And with this quick and easy dessert, you won’t miss but a minute of it. It uses fresh berries at the peak of the season and serves a crowd. It’s so simple to make that I threw one together in minutes. It was a huge hit!

At first, I was a little worried about rolling out two Pillsbury Pie Crusts into a large 17x12-inch rectangle. No reason to worry; it was super easy and took only 2 minutes.

A little trick that helped me: Trace the pan upside down on a sheet of parchment paper so you know exactly how large to roll it. (This trick works for anything you want to roll to a certain size–even play clay!)

trace pan on parchment paper

Stack the pie crusts in the middle of the parchment. Starting in the center of the crusts, roll out until it extends just beyond the outline on the parchment.

roll crust to matches parchment outline

Fold the crust in half, then in half again. Lift it into the corner of your 15x10-inch pan. Then just unfold it. Where it hangs over, fold the crust edges under so they’re even with the edges of the pan.

folded dough

To keep the crust from puffing up, I use a surprising trick I learned in the Test Kitchens. Place parchment paper (use the same one you used to roll out the crust) over the crust and pour uncooked (dried) beans onto it. That’s right, I said BEANS! Then bake the crust with the beans on top. When done, let cool, then lift the parchment off the crust and pour the beans into a bowl. Save for next time you bake a pie shell.

dough covered with parchment and beans

While the crust cools, mix up the filling. Use an offset spatula to spread the filling evenly over the baked crust. If you don’t have one, you can use a knife. (But you’ll want to get makes things so much easier!) Stir the strawberries and blueberries together with the strawberry glaze, then carefully add the delicate raspberries. Just spoon the fruit over the filling and serve. What a blast!

crust covered with filling