No-Carve Pumpkins

Created December 8, 2016
Bloggers share creative ideas for making pumpkins festive, without spilling their guts. MORE+ LESS-
chevron pumpkin

Get Ziggy

Everyone’s wearing stripes this season, including these fashion-forward chevron pumpkins from Erin at Feeling Lovesome. The options of paint + pumpkin are limited only by your creativity.

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pumpkin with decorative tape

Tape It

Take a cue from your favorite dapper dude with menswear-inspired washi tape designs. See more suspender-like natty results that make use of this fun Japanese masking tape at Sarah Hearts.

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stacked white painted pumpkins

Stack It Up

These elegant black-and-white polka dot pumpkins make a towering impression. Avoid an upset with stacking tips from Allison from the Soladay Family Blog.

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pumpkins with twine glued

Glue It

Time to break out the glue gun! Add some neutral-colored jute or twine, and you’ve got some cute-but-rustic gourds. Jamie at That’s My Letter tops hers off with pieces of a fallen tree branch.

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scrappy pumpkins

Get Scrappy

Reduce, reuse and recycle by repurposing fabric scraps into cute pumpkin leaves. Suzonne at Urban Comfort shares her oh-so-simple pattern.

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bedazzled pumpkins

Get Pushy

Christi Bennett puts nailheads to a glamorous new use in these monogrammed pumpkins featured at The Party Dress blog. It’s an easy way to bedazzle your gourds, even for those not-so-crafty souls.

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pumpkin covered with decorative paper

Go Old School

Erin from His & Hers blog relied on old-fashioned cutting and pasting to give these pumpkins a vintage look with pages from recovered art books. Try it with sheet music, newspaper or comic book pages, too.

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