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Leftover Candy Love

secret center cookie cups on a plate
Work a little magic this year with super-easy ideas for turning leftover loot into tempting treats. MORE+ LESS-
miniature milk chocolate-covered nougat candy bar broken in half. plate with secret-center cookie cups.

Miniature milk chocolate-covered nougat candy bars become Secret-Center Cookie Cups.

a rainbow of mini suckers. rainbow cookie-pops mash-ups.

Mini suckers become Rainbow Cookie Pops Mash-up.

several packets of Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot®. strawberry roly-polies on a breadboard.

Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot® becomes Strawberry Roly-Polies.

a chocolate-covered wafer bar broken in half. a plate with a candy bar doughnut.

Your favorite candy bar becomes Candy Bar Doughnuts.

a tin holding candy corn. a snack bowl with pumpkin seed snack mix.

Candy Corn becomes Pumpkin Seed Snack Mix.

a plate of carmel cubes. a cookie shee with salted caramel-stuffed chocolate truffle cookies.
a mini dark-chocolate coconut candy bar broken in two. a plate with a choco-coconut-almond cookie cup.

Mini dark-chocolate coconut candy bars become Choco-Coconut-Almond Cookie Cups.

a bowl of candy-coated chocolates. a bowl with candy-topped creamy peanut butter bars.

Candy-coated chocolates become Candy-Topped Creamy Peanut Butter Bars.

a fun-size chocolate-covered candy bar with crispy crunchies. a couple of candy bar cookie pops.

Fun-size milk chocolate-covered candy bars with crispy crunchies become Candy Bar Cookie Pops.