Halloween Cocktails

Created December 8, 2016
Black Widow Martini with plastic spiders on rim of the glass
Serve drinks with a shot of spooky at your ghoulish gathering. MORE+ LESS-

Serve drinks with a shot of spooky.

No boring beverages at your Halloween bash! We've got great new ideas in our drink collection above, and here are five tips for serving spooky drinks.

Keep It Cool. Put dry ice in a metal tray and nestle a metal bowl in the ice. Add punch (make that a potion) to the bowl that you ladle out into cups. (Careful with the dry ice...wear gloves and keep kids away from it.)

Black Is Better. Everything looks scary in a black paper cup. Keep a glow-in-the-dark marker on hand to ID the cups.

Shaken, Not Stirred. Black martini, anyone? Black raspberry or blackberry flavors will do the trick.

Halloween Swizzle. Party stores have inexpensive swizzle sticks...everything from candy corn to skeleton heads.

Chill It. Freeze something creepy in an ice ring or ice block for the punch bowl.