You've Got to See These Outrageous Nachos to Believe Them

Created December 8, 2016
Ultimate Nachos
Start with crowd-favorite Pizza Rolls, then pile on hearty chili and your favorite nacho fixin’s for an over-the-top game day feast. MORE+ LESS-

Never choose between pizza and nachos again! These pizza rolls, piled high with the best nacho toppings, are the only snack/app you’ll ever need.

Ultimate Nachos

Here’s how to make ‘em.

Preheat your oven to 425°F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil—it’ll make cleanup a snap later. Create one even layer of pizza rolls—we kept it classic with the Cheese Pizza flavor.

Get those rolls nice and toasty by baking for 9-10 minutes until hot and sizzling. Meanwhile, heat up our new favorite chili: Progresso Pork and Beef smokehouse-style chili. It’s packed with all the classic chili staples, plus peppers, chipotle and BACON (!!!). It just takes a few minutes in the microwave.

Top your piping-hot pizza rolls with your warmed chili. And now pile on the toppings. You could keep it simple with the basics: melted cheese and maybe some sour cream. But this isn’t a basic nacho plate we’re talking about here. We took it to “ultimate” status with more bacon, cheese curds (oh yeah!) and some chives.

Bacon, melted cheese, cheese curds, green onions, sour cream