Ultimate Guide to Tailgating

Created December 8, 2016
Crescent Dog on a Stick
Get your game on and take tailgating to the next level with these simple tips. MORE+ LESS-

You’ve got tickets to the big game (or even if you have front-row seats by the big screen), now it’s time to prepare for the pre-game celebration. From the food, to the equipment, to our game day coaching tips, we’ve got a playbook to make sure your tailgate party is a win.

3.Coaching Tips for Tailgating Success

This is where we separate the amateurs from the pros. Follow these Big 7 coaching tips to guarantee your tailgate event is the parking lot party to remember.

Get the crowd into it: Think beyond the typical tailgate food like hotdogs and burgers. It’s fun to throw in some new recipes trickery to get the crowd cheering for more.

There’s no I in TEAM: Don’t feel like the tailgate is entirely on your shoulders. Reach out to some of your friends and let them know what they can bring or how they can help.

Prep for the game: Marinate the meat ahead of time and then freeze it in disposable plastic bags. Put the bags in the refrigerator the night before your tailgate party; they’ll keep cool for the trip to the stadium and thaw just in time for cooking.

Cool space red zone: Remember, cooler space is valuable and tight. Freeze drinks (unless they’re carbonated) the night before and let them thaw out before game time. It’s important to keep all the meat cold until it’s ready for the grill.

Trick play: Be sure to have fun, too, by preparing ahead of time with some dips and easy appetizers the day before kickoff.

Share the health: If you’re looking for a healthier option try trimming off the fat on a lot of the meat options. Also, it’s all about regulating your tailgating portions. Just because there is a lot of food doesn’t mean you have to eat like a lineman.

Clean getaway: Bring disinfecting wipes and table sanitizer for during the tailgate party and plenty of trash bags for after. Also, stay green by reusing your plastic bottles and plastic silverware. If you leave the area cleaner than the way you and your friends found it, you’ll surely be the M.V.T (Most Valuable Tailgater) of the game.