Courtside Eats

By Brita Nelson
Created December 8, 2016
Slow-Cooker Pulled Beef Sammies
These five ideas are tourney tipoff-ready. With serve-yourself eats, you can enjoy the food and the basketball to the fullest. MORE+ LESS-

While we’re not throwing a party for every basketball game in March, many of us (me included) are avidly watching. Hey, some of us are wagering laundry duties on those bracket tourneys. Plus the constant sports schedule is an excuse to try the game-day eats you couldn’t squeeze into your football season lineup. Here are a five we’ll be serving basketball buffs this season.

Slam Dunk Sweets

Basketball Mini Cookie Pies

No game-day competition is complete without dessert making a major play. Serve up Basketball Mini Cookie Pies from blogger Dorothy Kern for a swoosh-worthy treat that’ll get the crowd, or at least your family, on their feet. I’ll be keeping a few game-day sweets around the house all month for impromptu celebrations. Here are a few of my favorites.

And-One Apps

Pretzel Bar

Set up a salty-sweet pretzel bar for fans of every team. Call penalties for double-dippers and double-dribblers; these flavor combos are too good to spill. I’ll also be serving these Potato Nugget Nachos because there’s nothing better than toting tots while watching the game.

Mad Mains

Slow-Cooker Pulled Beef Sammies

Slow-cooker sandwiches always score big on my family flav-o-meter. And these Slow-Cooker Pulled Beef Sammies are no exception. All-day tourneys require all-day eats, so set up the crock and other dishes and let family members serve themselves. I’ll be preparing this one-skillet-plus-a-bun recipe for Mexican Sloppy Joes, then running around the house yelling “she shoots … she scores!” 

 What will you be serving during basketball tournament season?