Fun + Easy Bacon, Egg and Cheese Easter Baskets

By Dorothy Kern
Created December 8, 2016
Bacon Egg and Cheese Easter Baskets
Even picky eaters will like the classic breakfast trifecta stuffed inside a flaky crescent basket. MORE+ LESS-

With Easter on its way, everyone is thinking about brunch. What are you going to serve? For my family, brunch is always the hardest thing because my daughter is so picky. She’s not much for egg casserole and she won’t touch a quiche with a 10-foot pole. Eating sweets for brunch is all well and good, but I’d really love to get her to eat at a little protein in amongst all the chocolate eggs!

If you have a picky eater like I do, look no further. These mini meals combine all things kids love—crescents, cheese and bacon—to make a cute brunch meal that no one will be able to say “no” to. And even though they might look difficult to make, they’re totally not.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Easter Baskets

First, you start with a pack of crescents. Separate them into 8 triangles and spray a muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray. Place a Crescent triangle in one muffin cup cavity. Line up the flat edge with the edge of the muffin cup and let the point hang over the other end.

Crescent Triangle in Muffin Cup

Use scissors to cut off the overhang.

Use Scissors to Cut the Overhang

Cut the overhang into two pieces and use the extra to fill in any gaps on the sides of the muffin cavity. You want a seamless basket to hold your eggs. (Some crescents are bigger than others, so you might need to use extra from one to fill another.)

Filling the Gaps on the Sides of the Muffins

Then you are all ready to make the rest of your basket ingredients. Scramble 6 eggs over low heat. I like to use a figure-eight pattern with my spatula and stir constantly while I’m cooking. It’s my secret for fluffy scrambled eggs. Stop cooking them right before they’re done. You don’t want them wet, but you want them a little glossy. They’ll finish cooking in the oven.

Scramble Eggs

Place an equal amount of eggs in each crescent cup. Top with shredded cheese, about 1/2 cup total. I used cheddar but you can use what you love. Bake the baskets for about 10 minutes, until they’re golden.

Putting Eggs in Each Crescent Cup

While they’re baking, cook the bacon—a slice for each basket. Be careful not to make it too crispy. Immediately drain the bacon on paper towels and curve them into basket handles. Once the bacon cools you won’t be able to fold it over, so you have to do this while they’re still warm.

Cook the Bacon

Place the bacon handles on each basket and you have a cute edible Easter basket for your kids. They’re going to love them, and you will too. My daughter loved them, and that’s saying a lot for her!

Bonus: These are totally freezable. Freeze the bacon separately from the baskets. Place the baskets on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen, place them in a gallon-size plastic food-storage bag. Reheat the baskets in the microwave for 45-60 seconds and the bacon for about 20 seconds.