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Cinnabunnies How-To

It's easy to turn ordinary cinnamon rolls into cute cinnamon breakfast or brunch bunnies.

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Easter is such a fun time of year in our home because my kids still love to decorate eggs and to bake special cookies, breads and desserts. One tradition I started a few years ago was to make cinnamon rolls that look like bunnies. I call them Cinnabunnies.

They are silly looking and fun to make. Kids and adults just love them! All you need to make them is a tube of cinnamon rolls, raisins and nuts. It’s that simple. Let me show you how.

Unwrap the tube and separate the cinnamon rolls. You will need two rolls to make one bunny—one for the face and another for the ears. With the palm of your hand, press down one of the cinnamon rolls to flatten slightly. (This will be the bunny’s head.)

Lay the other roll flat. Insert a knife three-fourths of the way across the diameter of the roll and slice through to the edge, leaving only one-fourth of the bun connected. This will allow you to separate the bun to make the ears but without cutting the bun completely.

Lay the cut cinnamon roll next to the top of the whole cinnamon roll (head), so that the separated parts of the cut roll look like bunny ears. Press and pinch the connected part of the cut roll into the head portion of the bunny. You will need to firmly press and pinch to prevent the rolls from separating when baking.

Create the ears by curving the split halves of the cut roll into the shape of floppy bunny ears.

On top of the whole roll (head), use raisins to form the eyes and nose and almonds to make teeth, firmly pressing into the dough so that they will stay in place while baking.

Place the bunny roll on a greased cookie sheet. Repeat until you have 4 bunnies.

Bake according to package directions. Decorate the ears with the frosting included.

For more colorful bunnies, try adding some food coloring to the frosting or decorate with colored sprinkles.

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